The Delay, new Discord server, plus more

Hello survivors!

We apologise for not talking about this delay sooner.

We want to take a moment to discuss the recent delay in short. We didn’t think Exist was good enough for its current release date 17th February, it just did not have enough content, and many things still need to be done on Exist. Thinking it was too bland for release, we wouldn’t like to release unfinished stuff because we don’t want to disappoint you. We have no set release date as of yet, but we are looking at getting Exist out a soon as we think it’s ready.

Our new Discord server shares new screenshots and information, you can even ask questions about Exist. (there are no stupid questions) You also can write suggestions or just connect with the community. It’s new so there isn’t much up on the Discord right now.

Hope to see you there!

BullBox Studios Official Discord link

Also, keep an eye out on our Youtube channel. We will be posting an Exist Trailer soon!

BullBox Studios Official Youtube Channel (no Content on the channel yet lmao)

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